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All-Time Greats Edition

The 20 best Major League Baseball franchise teams of All-Time.  Baseball Classics hand selected 480 Hall of Fame and Superstars to play for their franchise.  Great players date back to the 1800′s and across the era’s including today’s stars!  Our #1 seller over the years, a must for baseball fans of all ages 8 to over 80!

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2013 Season Edition

2013 crowned the Boston Red Sox as World Champions for the 3rd time in 10 years going from worst-to-first! All 30 Major League Baseball teams with 720 players are included in our Baseball Classics Baseball Game 2013 Season Edition.  Play this memorable season with exciting playoff races down to the wire!

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20th Century Edition

Celebrate 100 years of glory with the best AL and NL Major League Baseball teams from each decade.  Baseball Classics has hand selected these memorable, outstanding teams representing the best MLB has to offer from 1901 to 1999.  These top 20 MLB team rosters have players with some of the best seasons performances in baseball history!

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Real-Time Decision Manager

Baseball Classics Real-Time Decision Manager plays against you, completely taking the reins of the other team or it can manage both teams playing!  From the first pitch to the last out, everything is managed and decided in real-time before, during, and after every at bat.

Every situation is covered at bat or on the field putting the right strategies in place at the right time in real-time.  Add to your Baseball Classics order today!

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Any MLB Teams From 1901 to Present!

Choose your favorite MLB teams or full seasons 1901 to present!  Baseball Classics is the only baseball board game offering this wide open flexibility to put together the game you want.  With over 110 Major League Baseball seasons totaling well over 65,000 players, imagine your game play possibilities…

Manage your favorite teams & players from the top step of the dugout to see how they match up.  Settle an argument, start a league, or conduct full season replays!

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“I have been a Strat O Matic player for 25 years but after ordering your 1980 set by PDF…just could not put it down!!”

Christopher Decker

“I think this game is terrific. It’s ease of play combined with the easy to read card lay-out makes it a winner! I have played All-Star Baseball, Strat, Program IV Baseball, The Baseball Card Game…”

Ken Sell

“Thank you for the great game. I believe right now Baseball Classics is rivaling my long time favorite Strat for the monopoly of my baseball playing time.”  

Mark Vander Andean

“One glance and in the first 5 seconds you can tell how to play Baseball Classics!”

Rick Zak

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